Celebration Time

New Year is celebrated across much of Asia in April. In Thailand it is known as Songkran; Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia; Pi Mai Lao in Laos and Thingyan in Myanmar. Also Xishuangbanna in China’s Yunnan Province holds celebrations to mark the occasion. It is known worldwide for its joyous festivities and the splashing of water. New Year generally falls around the second week of April and is based on the lunar calendar.

The Qingming Festival in China is a time for the Chinese people to honor their ancestors and pay respect to the dead by cleaning tombs of the deceased while burning offerings at the site – Qingming is also observed in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. In Vietnam they celebrate one of the most important holidays, Hung Kings Commemoration Day, with many events centered around ancestor worship.

Takayama Matsuri is one of Japan’s most visually striking festivals to celebrate the coming of Spring.

ANZAC Day, 25 April 2017, is to be marked in a poignant ceremony at Sandakan Memorial Park, Malaysia, the starting point of the infamous Death Marches.

International events

Join 40,000 spectators at the Hong Kong Sevens for one of the world's most electrifying rugby events. Top teams from around the world compete in the magnificent Hong Kong Stadium - battling it out over three days in front of a raucous crowd. Following on from the Hong Kong Sevens and next on the rugby circuit is the Singapore Sevens (16 & 17 April 2017), held at Singapore’s modern National Stadium in the heart of the city with a fully retracting roof.

Since its first edition in 2004, the Shanghai Grand Prix has worked its way up in order to become one of most exciting races of the season.

The International Film Festival in Hong-Kong is one of Asia’s most reputable platforms for filmmakers, film professionals and filmgoers from all over the world to launch new work and for viewers to experience outstanding filmography.

Weather Patterns

April is the best time to visit Japan and the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. In Vietnam it is the colorful fruit season which sees all sorts of colorful fruits picked and sold around the Mekong Delta. Further north in Sapa the peach blossom creates stunning scenery and breathtaking vistas. Changes in the weather patterns toward the end of the month make Indonesia more favorable while China’s average temperatures also rise.