Celebration Time

The Hungry Ghost Festival is one of several traditional festivals held amongst Chinese communities (especially in Hong-Kong and Singapore) to worship ancestors. Special ceremonies are performed to avoid the wrath of the ghosts such as putting the family’s ancestral tablets on a table, burning incense and preparing food three times on the day to feed the hungry ghosts. The main ceremony is usually held at dusk. The festival is known as ‘Wandering soul day’ in Vietnam (the second most important festival in the country after Tet), Pchum Ben in Cambodia and Boun Khao Salak in Laos. The Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated in Malaysia with staged opera performances and puppet shows at roadsides.

International events

Formula 1 Grand Prix is one of Singapore’s most highly anticipated events each year and arrives in the city in September. Thailand’s River Kwai Marathon takes place and the Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo is well worth securing tickets for.

One of the main sporting events of the year is the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix which will be held at Sepang International Circuit from 29 Sep - 1 Oct.

Weather Patterns

September is one of the best months to visit Indonesia as you get peak season weather without the crowds! The weather this time of year is also at its most amiable in Hong Kong. However in Japan it is the time of year when typhoons are most likely – and in Southeast Asia, you can expect some rain.

Now is the best time to embark on a cruise between Mandalay and Bagan. It is also the only period when you can sail up the Chindwin River to the northern tip of the Irrawaddy River to see villages lost in time from the teak trade era.