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Discover the latest innovative experiences on offer in Asia – created to captivate the mind of today’s savvy traveler.

Half-Day Sunset Dragon Boat Cruise

Delight in the serene and beautiful blue waters of Lombok from the deck of a wooden Dragon Boat whilst cruising alongside the famous Gili Islands off the north-western coastline of Bali’s neighbouring Island.

Inle Horse Club

Inle Horse Club is situated on Myin Sar Khun Village, just 10 mins by car from Nyaung Shwe and is owned by a local family.

Exploring Lantau by Land, Sea and Sky

Lantau Island is one of Hong Kong’s most popular destinations with hundreds of thousands of visitors exploring it each year.

Explore the Ulu Baram

lu Baram is an encased muddy plain located in Sarawak, created in part by the Baram River (the 2nd longest river in Sarawak).

Secret Cocktail Experiences

This month we feature an exciting new tour created in the charming town of Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage site surrounded by the rivers and paddy fields.


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