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Traditional Cham Dance Show at My Son Temples

The Cham culture is characterized by Hinduism, with influences from Champa civilization between 7th and 15th century. These effects were felt greatest in central Vietnam, which at that time extended from India to Southeast Asia.

‘Top Deck’ Opens at Tokyo Tower

Even in the variegated Tokyo skyline, few buildings are as much of an iconic landmark as Tokyo Tower is. After months of renovation, the uppermost observation deck, which stands 250 meters above sea level

Culinary Adventures on Rustic Pulau Ubin

Water wells, buzzing electricity generators and rugged terrain are not things most people experience on a visit to Singapore, but on Pulau Ubin, an island tucked away on the north-east corner of the mainland

The Sights of Jogja After Dark

First thoughts often associated with this lively city are of impressive temples, world-class Batik fabrics, the Sultan family, palaces and classic dances - or the mighty Merapi Volcano.

New Bamboo Train Line in Battambang

A reinvention of the famous bamboo train has been completed 500 meters from the ancient red hued hill top Wat Banan, close to the charming city of Battambang.


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