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China is an amazingly varied country where it is easy to visit and experience whole regions that have been largely unaffected by the urban changes elsewhere. In many areas, people still lead the most basic existence… untroubled, barely motorized, virtually unchanged for centuries. It should also be remembered that, in terms of sheer size, China is vast. Its diverse landscapes range from deserts and frozen steppes in the north to subtropical rainforests in the south, embracing some of the planet’s longest rivers and most magnificent mountain ranges.

As the host of global international events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and Shanghai World Expo 2010, China has the proven ability to deliver at the highest level. Destination Asia has taken advantage of these favorable factors and developed innovative products to provide the ultimate experiences for our clients in China. Options include team building exercises that offer insight into the ancient art of kung-fu; helicopter flights over the Great Wall of China and a tour of the Terracotta Warriors with a leading cultural expert.

Let us not forget the delectable food – from classic cuisine to modern fusion and tea making, we can arrange the perfect culinary experience for clients such as a Baijiu tasting in the world’s oldest distillery or a champagne brunch on the Great Wall of China.

Country Fact Sheet

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