February 2018

Celebration Time

Chinese New Year, or as it is known in China - the Spring Festival, is the main event of the month. This takes place not only in China, but in all Chinese communities around Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It’s the most important celebration in the calendar for Chinese people, with family members traveling back to their hometown to join loved ones. Falling on February 16, bright colors and 10 days of non-stop celebrations mark this auspicious, energy-fueled event. Travelers can join joyous processions, explore seasonal markets, watch riveting lion dances and share in the jubilant atmosphere.

Vietnamese New Year (February 15 – 20) is known as TET and is the most important event in Vietnamese culture. It is usually celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year. We would advise booking well in advance if you do want to travel at this time.

The joyous and always spectacular Chingay parades (February 23 - 24) features an annual street parade held both in Malaysia and Singapore. Expect acrobat artists, giant artistic puppets and dramatic shows.

Chap Goh Meh Celebration (the end of Chinese New Year) sees young ladies of marrying age venture out to popular sea promenades to throw oranges into the sea, wishing for a good soul mate.

The famous Pasola Festival in Sumba, Indonesia, takes place every year in February. Exact dates will be announced only 2-3 weeks prior to the festival, but as a general guideline, it takes place in the last three weeks in February.

Also, don’t miss the eccentric Naked Man Festival (February 8 – 12) in Okayama, Japan.

International events

Keep in good shape with Tokyo’s annual marathon (February 25). Alternatively, enjoy the winter snow at the Sapporo Snow Festival (February 5 – 12) - one of the most popular winter events in the country and a time when families join together.

Weather Patterns

It’s still cold in China and Japan this time of year, and rainy in most parts of Indonesia. The weather remains perfect for travel in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore), with a heavy focus on travel to Thailand’s eastern seaboard (Koh Chang and Koh Kood). Northern Malaysia shares Thailand’s sunshine with clear bright days in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.