Why work with Destination Asia?

Since providing our very first travel services in 1996, we have always created experiences that truly open the traveler’s mind to the real cultures and natural wonders of Asia.
We believe your clients should experience Asia like a local, by utilizing travel services that are seamlessly delivered - every time - every day of the year.


Our local Asia Team

Destination Asia operates full-service operations in 11
countries in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan,
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia,
Myanmar, and Laos), with 29 locally-owned operational
offices across these destinations. This allows us to deliver
travel services solely responsible to the needs of our clients,
at the same high standard level across each of our destinations.



Experience / Training

We work with the best available local talent and
industry-leading international travel managers.
To maintain exceptional service standards, we run regular
in-house training across each of our operational divisions.
We also enroll staff in various academy training programs
and vocational courses. Routine guide training is an
integral part of our business and essential to guarantee
your clients have the very best experience while in Asia.


We are Sustainable

Destination Asia operates along ethical lines, embracing
the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and
environmental. We endeavor to maximize the benefits to
local communities of our presence, while minimizing any
negative impacts. Whenever possible we will work with
local suppliers who share our philosophy and will actively
monitor their business practices and services.
We arealso a key member of the Travelife sustainability
intourism scheme.


Creative Leaders

We are passionate and creative travel enthusiasts who
never rest on our laurels. The way people travel is
constantly changing and instead of following others,
we lead the way. From the ground services we provide
your clients, to the sales and marketing tools and online
platforms we offer our partners, we are constantly
designing, innovating and refining to ensure your
business is a success. We are not static, we support
innovation and embrace new concepts.


Operational Delivery

Our company philosophy is quite simple. We provide
on-site services that are the very best available in the
market in each destination - and will never compromise
on service standards. It is our goal to always exceed our
clients‘ expectations. Owing to the unrivalled knowledge
of the destinations we work in, our competencies allow
you to concentrate on the details that only you can handle


Financial Stability

Over the 20-year history of the company we have
maintained a fiscally conservative approach to running the
business and maintain cash reserves in each one of the
destinations in which we operate. The Destination Asia
Group maintains a USD 5 million 3rd Party Liability
Insurance Policy that covers all offices and gives our clients
peace of mind that they are covered for all the products and
services we offer. Having such a policy in place ensures we
maintain strict Health and Safety checks on all suppliers.